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The Path to Our Hideaway: Your Transportation Options

Transportation options may seem confusing at first, but with our guidance, navigating your journey can be easy. There are two main options available, both originating from Medan, Sumatra.

The most common route involves taking a car from Medan to Singkil. From Singkil, travelers can opt to take a ferry to the village of Balai or take a speed boat directly to Tailana in the Pulau Banyak archipelago.

Another option for those who prefer a faster journey is to take a flight from Medan to Nias. From there, a speed boat can take you directly to Tailana.

All transportation options are outlined in greater detail below for your convenience.

All of the ways are adjustable and your journey to us does not have to start from Medan. We can help you arrange it even from other parts of Sumatra. Whether you choose to start in Medan or elsewhere, we are here to assist you in making your journey to Tailana a smooth and enjoyable experience.


A car will be arranged to take you from Medan airport to Singkil, which is approximately a 10-hour drive away. To make the journey more comfortable, we suggest taking a break and spending one night at Lake Toba (Tongging) before continuing to Singkil harbor the next morning.

Once you arrive at Singkil, our speedboat driver will be waiting for you to take you directly to lovely Tailana Island.

Car from Medan to Singkil (10 h) – 1.200.000 IDR
(overnight option +300.000 IDR for a driver) 

Speedboat from Singkil to Tailana (2,4 h) – 2.900.000 IDR (1-3 pax)

Speedboat from Singkil to Tailana (3 h) – 3.500.000 IDR (4-5 pax)

Bigger speedboat Singkil to Tailana (2 h) – 4.500.000 IDR (max 10 pax)


If you prefer a more affordable option, you can take a public boat or ferry from Singkil to Balai village in the Pulau Banyak Archipelago, whether you travel with us or on your own. Our boat will be waiting for you in Balai to take you directly to Tailana.

Public boat from Singkil to Balai (5 – 8 h):
Wooden public boat – 100.000 IDR per pax 
Ferry – 35.000 IDR (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Slow boat from Balai to Tailana (3 h):
Price for 1-2 pax – 600.000 IDR
Price for 3-4 pax – 700.000 IDR
Price for 5-6 pax – 800.000 IDR

Speed boat from Balai to Tailana (1 h):
Price for 1-6 pax – 1.200.000 IDR


If you’re short on time and want to get to Tailana island as quickly as possible, the flight option is the way to go. From Medan, you’ll take a flight to Nias, and from there, we’ll arrange a speed boat to take you directly to Tailana. This option is perfect for those who want to maximize their time on the island and don’t want to spend too much time traveling.

Flight from Medan to Nias (2 h) – the price depends on the flight you choose

Taxi from Nias Airport to harbor (1,5 h) – 1.000.000 IDR

Speedboat from Nias to Tailana (2 h) – 5.000.000 IDR

From April 2024 it is possible to fly from Medan directly to Singkil. If you are interested in this route, don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

Contact us for anything you need, from booking to planning activities. We’re here to make your stay unforgettable.



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